Sunday, July 5, 2009

we are failures

dana is studying for the bar and i'm busy working all the time and going to concerts. looks like our hilarious blog has failed. sorry dudes :(

Saturday, February 21, 2009

urban dictionary definitions

here are a couple of definitions for stefanie and dana from urban dictionary.


An amazing woman! Loves sex... Has a huge circle of friends of all varieties... Loves her family and devotes her life to them... Loves to party... Easy to love... you are one lucky son of a bitch if you've got her...

Man I wish I had a Stefanie.

Being able to speak your mind and not caring whether or not you hurt someone while doing it. 

Im such a Stefanie for telling her she's a hoe, though she really is one. 


Can be used as a uni-sex name & is by far the coolest person you will ever meet. Dana is fun, caring, and great to be around.

Yep, that's Dana for you.

sexy, fine, attractive, outgoing, gangsta,

WOW!!! Yo girl is such a Dana man. 

how does urban dictionary define you? 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stefanie/Dana need...

Haha I typed our names with "needs" into Google.  Here are some of the results!

Stefanie needs “a strong man, stronger than she.”

Stefanie needs to pay her debt to society for her juvenile crimes and for breaking probation.

Stefanie needs to stop watching chick flicks.  They are all made up.

Stefanie needs to go on a long vacation and come back with Massimo!

Stefanie needs to leave soon…she’s so boring and doesn’t seem to participate much.

Stefanie needs to take a break for girls’ night this week.

Stefanie needs a quick nap.

Stefanie needs to stop being a trifalin hoe and everyone needs to move on. Honestly, I don’t blame her.  Homegirl needs to get hers.  (HAHA!!)

Stefanie needs to memorize these time tables.

Stefanie needs to stop listening to the fear mongers.

Stefanie needs to stop making that face.

Stefanie needs to clarify that her celebrity page was a gift to her from her friends. 

Stefanie needs to shut her pie hole.

Stefanie needs a spanking.

Stefanie needs to stay home because she has no self-control.


Dana needs some breathing room.

Dana needs to negotiate a network television deal.

Dana needs a transgendered friend.

Dana needs to play catch up by sipping on a shot of Jameson with 24 oz. of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

Dana needs emergency prayer.

Dana needs to leave Tonya or stop trying to have sex with Alice.

Dana needs to shut up sometimes.

Dana needs to step up.

Dana needs to quit being so cheap.

Dana needs no installation and is only 1mb in size.

Dana needs to come back to SNL to do John McCain until November 5th. 

Dana needs to be in better shape for living in Congo. 

Dana needs to get out of the spotlight and put the fighters there.

Dana needs a new dress, and a new color for sure.

Dana needs to take a break and STFU for a while.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

oh man, this is good. and sorry about the prolonged lack of funny. shit's been busy! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

happy holidays from tex!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

a quickie

here's a quick funny video starring two weirdo friends of ours, rachel and david:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

funny things are probably happening all around

sorry for the lack of funny, i'm sick and dana is in panic mode as the semester draws to a close. we were going to chat law and order: svu but dana has too much school work and i'm about to fall asleep due to the prescription cough syrup i drank earlier. 

hopefully the laughs will return soon. we love you all. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

how could a woman like you ever understand a woman like me?

talk about a star-studded episode of law and order: svu! well, i use the term star-studded loosely. before we get to the commentary, let's go over the "guest stars" in tonight's episode:

clea duvall-you may recognize her from lots of movies such as indentity, girl interrupted, she's all that, and girl among many others
didi conn-i only recongized her from grease. i don't think i've seen anything else she's been in but i knew her voice the second she started speaking. frenchy! 
brenda blethyn-she's been in quite a few things but i know her as pumpkin's mom in pumpkin
kelly bishop-emily gilmore!!!! okay, she's done lots of stuff but whatevs, i love gilmore girls!
judith light-she's actually a regular on this series but she was worth mentioning just cause she was on who's the boss
w. a. walters-i just had to mention this guy because of his acting credits. seriously, go to his imdb page and look at what he has been credited for playing...perp, bum with penguin, aa participant, panhandler, homeless fire victim...the list goes on! 

and now, what you're all really here for...the commentary! the line breaks indicate either a commercial break or where we went off on a tangent about something not related to law and order.

Dana: sorry i'm late, had to make a sandwich! 
Stefanie: phew! i was nervous 
Dana: to catch up, fuck that bitch and her pro life propaganda 
Stefanie: no shit 
Stefanie: "i'm pressing charges" 
Stefanie: what a bitch! i'm pretty sure as a pharmacist that's none of her goddamn biznezz 
Dana: i liked that SVU took a decidedly pro-choice position though 
Dana: or, anti-rape, i can't be sure 
Stefanie: yeah, it's hard to say 
Stefanie: i mean, they can't be too anti-rape or they'd be out of jobs  

Stefanie: oh that nurse was in grease! 
Dana: haha i could tell SOLELY by the voice 
Stefanie: frenchy, i think her name was  
Stefanie: "my best girl" ugh if anyone ever calls me that i will barf 
Dana: stefanie, you're my best girl  
Stefanie: :barf: 
Dana: hey honey, here's some flowers, sorry i raped you 
Stefanie: aww thanks! i'll cook you dinner in just a sec! 
Dana: aw, well meaning old people 
Stefanie: that lady looks familiar to me too 
Stefanie: i watch too much tv 
Stefanie: ohhh she was in that creepy movie pumpkin 
Stefanie: oh this mirror scene is creeptastic 
Dana: uh, olivia unzipping her jacket was pretty creepy 
Stefanie: i thought it was kind of sexxxy 
Dana: haha 
Dana: i think that girl mia was in she's all that 
Stefanie: that's clea duvall 
Stefanie: she was in girl interrupted 
Stefanie: i don't recall that she was in she's all that 
Stefanie: but she was in can't hardly wait 
Dana: oh she was 
Dana: she was the bitchy art girl 
Dana: that tried to convince laney to kill herself 
Stefanie: oh yeah! 
Dana: man he really likes his breakfast 
Stefanie: i really like my breakfast too 
Dana: haha my brother's friend just walked in and saw like 5 seconds of that and said "type in 'that guy's a sleezeball'" 
Stefanie: hahaha 
Stefanie: holy fucking shit did he stab her?? 
Dana: what the fuck? 
Stefanie: oh my godddd 
Dana: that was expected 
Dana: fucking use the phone lady! 
Stefanie: seriously, they need a bus to that address! 
Dana: and shouldnt olivia know some basic life-saving skills? 
Dana: like im pretty sure i would know to pull out the gun and use some sort of compression 
Dana: i mean knife 
Stefanie: hahaha 
Dana: i get my weapons confused! 
Stefanie: sure sure suresuresure 
Dana: oh man, i hope Medical Examiner is on after the commercial break

Stefanie: that neighbor lady is a biiiiitch 
Dana: oh man!!! 
Dana: fuuuuuck 
Dana: who is that dude? 
Stefanie: i like this guy though 
Stefanie: he's been on a lot 
Dana: asst ME? 
Dana: yeah i know, i just like ME best. 
Dana: i was hoping to hear something about rigor' 
Stefanie: wait, a new crime? 
Dana: yeah apparently this was the main point of the story 
Stefanie: escaped from jail? sweeet! 
Dana: man this is sad! 
Dana: what was she in jail for? 
Stefanie: murder, i think 
Dana: weird 
Dana: haha which war? how old is she? 
Stefanie: seriously, i have no idea what is going on with anything right now
Stefanie: all i can think about is how annoying her voice is 
Dana: haha no shit 
Dana: geez, this narrative is long 
Stefanie: yeaaaaah 
Stefanie: good god, marital rape was legal until the 80s?? 
Dana: haha man 
Dana: i listened to this song today "acceptable in the '80s" 
Dana: maybe it was about that 
Stefanie: oh calvin harris? 
Dana: haha yes 
Stefanie: that's a catchy tune 
Dana: yeah i like it 
Dana: esp since i was born in the '80s 
Stefanie: you were? 
Dana: nope 
Stefanie: grandma gilmore! 
Stefanie: this is a star-packed episode 
Dana: lol i'd love to have her as my lawyer 
Stefanie: oddly enough, that states show i watched the other day was narrated by grandpa gilmore 
Dana: hmmm this story is kinda ridiculous 
Stefanie: yes 
Dana: like they couldnt think of enough material for a whole hour so they did two half hour shows and crammed them together 
Stefanie: well i would rather see only 1/2 an episode about this stupid story than a full hour 
Dana: yeah for sure 
Dana: i do like her burnt orange jail wear though 
Stefanie: hook 'em 
Dana: haha 
Stefanie: i wonder if the ut football players that get arrested get to wear burnt orangeBold jumpsuits in jail 
Dana: lol 
Dana: im sure, with the bevo monogrammed 
Stefanie: yeah, the city probs special ordered some because they knew they wouldn't go to waste 
Dana: uh, it's weird hearing an old lady say "if i was a good girl" 
Stefanie: haha yeah 
Stefanie: if she was his best girl...  

Stefanie: pregnant? this is getting ridic 
Dana: haha yeah im confused 
Dana: once again! 
Stefanie: so wait, what did she get charged with? 
Dana: escape from prison 
Dana: but she's just getting probation 
Dana: aw he shouldnt leave her! 
Stefanie: oh okay 
Stefanie: no, i think he should...i would leave her 
Dana: i mean her voice is annoying for sures but still 
Stefanie: he doesn't even know her! 
Dana: yes he does, it was just based on a lie 
Stefanie: if it's all based on a lie then the whole thing is like a lie 
Dana: nah

Monday, November 24, 2008

follow up to lizard people, dear reader

i knew it was only a matter of time before the lizard people ballot guy came forward. shit, if i had done that i would have called chris matthews myself and said, "oh oh, i did that! that was me. hahaha!" anyway, lucas davenport has stepped up and minnesota public radio has the story

and dana and i have the commentary:

Stefanie: oh man, i had been hoping that the lizard ballot guy would come forward! 
Dana: "Lizard People refers to the conspiracy theory there's a race of shape shifting lizards masquerading as humans who rule the world, but Davenport doesn't consider himself a believer" 
Dana: why was i unaware of that conspiracy theory?
Stefanie: damn, i didn't know about that either 
Dana: can you post the follow up to our blog? 
Stefanie: hahah i like the handwriting sample 
Dana: haha i also like that the name is the same as a protagonist cop from some novel series 
Stefanie: he totally looks like the type of person to write in lizard people on a ballot 
Dana: haha no kidding!!! 
Stefanie: i'm surprised he's not wearing a silk, button-up dragon shirt 
Dana: the pony-tail (hole) and goatee + necklace are A+ though 
Stefanie: haha totally 
Stefanie: i wonder if he's single 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

lizard people, dear reader

i'm sure you've all found yourselves thinking, "gosh, i wish i could read some of the chats that take place between dana and stefanie." well, fear not, dear reader, because we will be posting snippets from our epic g-chat sessions every now and then. this one happened earlier today. i even found a picture of the subject of our chat for your visual pleasure. 

Dana: on hardball theyre comparing ballots for the Minnesota senate race that are unBoldclear and someone filled in the Al Franken bubble but also write Lizard People and filled in the bubble next to that. cracked my shit up  
Stefanie: hahahaha wtf??  
Dana: haha i have no idea, but it's hilarious  
Stefanie: this is why everyone should have electronic voting machines i know they have probs too but the problems aren't morons that don't know how to clearly mark a ballot  
Dana: haha no shit  
Dana: haha and i googled "Al Franken, Lizard People" and one of the results that came up was a story about that ballot "I, for one, welcome our new lizard people overlords"