Wednesday, November 19, 2008

artist on artist

have you ever seen those artist on artist interviews on myspace? well dana and i have each sent each other 10 questions (the same generic ones and then some weird specific ones) to be answered on this here blog. here are my answers to dana's questions:

1. when and where were you born?
11:08 AM on march 16, 1983 in georgetown, tx

2. how many siblings do you have?

3. who is your favorite Wes Anderson character (must pick ONE, haha)?
picking just one wes anderson character is a huge challenge for me. i think if i were to answer this question next week i might have a different answer but for today, it's peter whitman. purrrrrr.

4. what is your favorite thing to wear right now?
these plaid pajama pants that have pockets. seriously, pockets in

5. what is your favorite book?
twilight! no wait, that's not it. possibly the bell jar because i'm a fucking weirdo.

6. what is your favorite city to visit?
san francisco! i would also really love to go back to portland for more than, like, 15 hours.

7. what's the last movie you saw in theaters?
i actually don't know the answer to this. i NEVER go to the movies anymore. shit. i think it was smart people, which btw, wasn't very good.

8. what's your fav line from Wet Hot?
oh shit, there are so many! but the one i find myself saying the most often is, "oh fuck my cock!" yeah, i'm disgusting.

9. where do you see yourself in 10 years?
35 years old with, like, 6 cats :(

10. what is your favorite snack?
lately it has been cheese nips


Paul said...

You have a cock?

stefanie said...

nope, that's what makes that line so funny to me!

Anonymous said...

purrrrrr indeed!