Thursday, November 20, 2008

lizard people, dear reader

i'm sure you've all found yourselves thinking, "gosh, i wish i could read some of the chats that take place between dana and stefanie." well, fear not, dear reader, because we will be posting snippets from our epic g-chat sessions every now and then. this one happened earlier today. i even found a picture of the subject of our chat for your visual pleasure. 

Dana: on hardball theyre comparing ballots for the Minnesota senate race that are unBoldclear and someone filled in the Al Franken bubble but also write Lizard People and filled in the bubble next to that. cracked my shit up  
Stefanie: hahahaha wtf??  
Dana: haha i have no idea, but it's hilarious  
Stefanie: this is why everyone should have electronic voting machines i know they have probs too but the problems aren't morons that don't know how to clearly mark a ballot  
Dana: haha no shit  
Dana: haha and i googled "Al Franken, Lizard People" and one of the results that came up was a story about that ballot "I, for one, welcome our new lizard people overlords"


Dana said...

So I guess he voted for the Lizard People in the previous category, and wanted us all to be aware that this was a possibility for the displayed category, but went with Al instead. So I would count it as for Al.

stefanie said...

yeah, that vote is totes for al.

also, it would appear that this person wrote in "lizard people" for president because the names above it are chuck baldwin and darrell castle, the dudes that ran in the "constitution party"